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Other Words for Murder

Murder Adjective Synonyms
homicide, manslaughter, regicide, patricide, matricide, parricide, fratricide, sororicide, uxoricide, infanticide, killing, slaying, assassination
In many countries, murder is a crime punishable by death.

Murder Noun Synonyms
slaughter, butchery, genocide, massacre, liquidation, decimation, extermination, eradication, wiping out, murdering, slaying, killing, bloodshed, carnage
Their wanton murder of thousands of prisoners of war has been proven.

spoil, ruin, mar, destroy, wreck, kill, mangle, butcher, mutilate
She murdered the song by singing it far too fast.

kill, slay, assassinate, put to death, end the life of, put away or down, put out of one's misery, wipe out, destroy, butcher, massacre, liquidate, exterminate, eradicate, annihilate, extinguish, slaughter, lay low, eliminate, bump off, knock off
The drug dealers were murdered, one by one, by a rival gang.

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