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Other Words for Mellow

Mellow Adjective Synonyms
mature, ripen, age, season, sweeten, develop, improve (with age), soften
Frank has mellowed since taking up golf.

easygoing, genial, gentle, good-natured, easy, cordial, friendly, warm, amiable, agreeable, pleasant, cheerful, happy, jovial, felicitous
Patrick seems to have become more mellow with age.

soft, juicy, luscious, delicious, rich, sweet, flavourful, full-flavoured, ready, ripe, mature, ripened, aged
She set before us a dish of mellow peaches. Amontillado sherry is noted for its mellow taste.

soft, softened, subtle, muted, pastel
The mellow shades of this painting would fit well into the d‚cor.

Mellow Noun Synonyms
musical, melodious, full, pure, rich, sweet, dulcet, mellifluous, euphonious, vibrant
Her voice was low, mellow, suggestive.

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