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Other Words for Meeting

Meeting Adjective Synonyms
assembly, convention, conference, gathering, congress, conclave, session, congregation, convocation, caucus, get-together
Nominations for next year's officers will be presented at the next meeting.

Meeting Noun Synonyms
convergence, converging, confluence, joining, union, junction, conjunction, intersection
The earliest settlement was at the meeting of the two rivers.

appointment, engagement, rendezvous, encounter, assignation, tryst, meet
She arranged a meeting with her ex-husband.

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More Words for Meeting

Meet / Junction / Convention

Annual Meeting

Business / Finance / Annual Meeting: Meeting of stockholder held once a year at which the managers of a company report to the stockholders on the year's results. MORE

Due Diligence Meeting

Business / Finance / Due Diligence Meeting: An internal audit of a target frim by an acquiring firm. Offers are often made contingent upon resolution of the due diligence process. MORE

Meeting Fare

Life Style / Travel / Meeting Fare: Negotiated airline discounts, typically for 10 or more persons traveling to the same event. MORE

Public Meeting

Health / Disease / Public Meeting: A public forum with community members for communication about a site. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pararhyme: Wilfred Owen's term for a slant rhyme. An example appears in his poem, 'Strange Meeting,' in which Owen rhymes words like years / yours and tigress / progress. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Compliance: The measurement in liters or cubic feet of the volume of air that is equal to the compliance, or maximum extension of a speaker's total suspension. MORE