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Other Words for Meeting

Meeting Adjective Synonyms
assembly, convention, conference, gathering, congress, conclave, session, congregation, convocation, caucus, get-together
Nominations for next year's officers will be presented at the next meeting.

Meeting Noun Synonyms
appointment, engagement, rendezvous, encounter, assignation, tryst, meet
She arranged a meeting with her ex-husband.

convergence, converging, confluence, joining, union, junction, conjunction, intersection
The earliest settlement was at the meeting of the two rivers.

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More Words for Meeting

Junction / Convention / Meet

Annual Meeting

Business / Finance / Annual Meeting: Meeting of stockholder held once a year at which the managers of a company report to the stockholders on the year's results. MORE

Due Diligence Meeting

Business / Finance / Due Diligence Meeting: An internal audit of a target frim by an acquiring firm. Offers are often made contingent upon resolution of the due diligence process. MORE

Meeting Fare

Life Style / Travel / Meeting Fare: Negotiated airline discounts, typically for 10 or more persons traveling to the same event. MORE

Public Meeting

Health / Disease / Public Meeting: A public forum with community members for communication about a site. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pararhyme: Wilfred Owen's term for a slant rhyme. An example appears in his poem, 'Strange Meeting,' in which Owen rhymes words like years / yours and tigress / progress. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Compliance: The measurement in liters or cubic feet of the volume of air that is equal to the compliance, or maximum extension of a speaker's total suspension. MORE