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Match Noun Synonyms
prospect, candidate
With his inheritance, he's considered a good match.

marriage, betrothal, alliance, combination, compact, contract, partnership, union, affiliation
It was a match made in heaven.

equal, be equivalent (to), resemble, compare (with), tie, measure up (to), compete (with), vie (with), rival
His skill on the flute will never match hers.

equal, equivalent, peer, equivalent, fellow, mate, parallel, replica, copy, double, twin, look-alike, facsimile, counterpart
When it comes to punning, Crosby has finally met his match.

contest, competition, game, meet, tourney, tournament, bout, duel, rivalry, trial
The match was between the top-seeded players.

match up, join, marry, unite, link, combine, put together, pair up or off, juxtapose, conjoin
However did you manage to match names and faces? Glynis matched them up at the dinner table.

Match Verb Synonyms
fit, go with, suit, accord, agree, harmonize, go (together), coordinate, blend, correspond
Who will notice that your socks match your tie? Your eyes don't match.

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Meet / Accord / Competition / Equal / Parallel / Suit / Mate / Compact / Peer / Fit / Double / Copy / Trial / Tie

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Life Style / Adoption / Matching: The process of finding prospective families specifically suited to meet the needs of a waiting child, not to be confused with 'placement.” MORE

Matching Concept

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Matched Sale Transaction

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