Other Words for Macabre

Macabre Noun Synonyms: grim, ghastly, grisly, gory, gruesome, grotesque, ghoulish, fiendish, dread, eerie, fearsome, frightful, frightening, terrifying, terrible, dreadful, dire, morbid, deathly, deadly, deathlike, ghostly, cadaverous

Other Words for Machiavellian

Machiavellian Noun Synonyms: deceitful, cunning, shrewd, crafty, wily, foxy, scheming, tricky, perfidious, nefarious, treacherous, sneaky

Other Words for Machination

Machination Adjective Synonyms: plotting, scheming, intriguing, manoeuvring, designing, manipulating, plot, scheme, intrigue, maneuver, design, stratagem, ruse, trick, trickery, artifice, dirty trick(s), wile, manipulation, ploy, tactic(s), move, gambit

Other Words for Machine

Machine Noun Synonyms: organization, system, ring, gang, cabal, clique, party, faction
Machine Adjective Synonyms: mechanism, device, apparatus, contrivance, appliance, instrument, implement, tool, utensil, gadget, contraption, gismo or gizmo

Other Words for Machismo

Machismo Noun Synonyms: masculine pride or arrogance, manliness, virility, masculinity, grit, guts, balls

Other Words for Macho

Macho Verb Synonyms: manly, masculine, virile, proud, arrogant

Other Words for Mad

Mad Adjective Synonyms: foolish, silly, childish, immature, puerile, wild, nonsensical, foolhardy, madcap, heedless, senseless, absurd, imprudent, unwise, indiscreet, rash, ill-advised, ill-considered, reckless, extravagant, irrational, fatuous
Mad Noun Synonyms: insane, deranged, crazy, crazed, demented, lunatic, unhinged, delirious, out of one's mind or head, psychotic, maniacal, (mentally) unbalanced, mentally ill, of unsound mind, non compos mentis, daft, out of one's head

Other Words for Mad For

Mad For Adjective Synonyms: crazy, infatuated, ardent, enthusiastic, eager, avid, zealous, passionate, fervent, fervid, keen, fanatical, wild, hooked, dotty, nuts

Other Words for Madden

Madden Verb Synonyms: bait, badger, torment, plague, bedevil, rile, hassle
Madden Adjective Synonyms: infuriate, anger, enrage, incense, provoke, inflame, excite (someone) to (a) frenzy or rage, make (someone's) blood boil, raise (someone's) hackles, make (someone) see red, get (someone's) back up, drive someone crazy

Other Words for Madly

Madly Adverb Synonyms: furiously, wildly, ferociously, fiercely, energetically, desperately, like mad, vehemently, feverishly, excitedly, fanatically, violently, impetuously
Madly Verb Synonyms: insanely, hysterically, dementedly, wildly, distractedly, frenziedly

Other Words for Madman

Madman Adverb Synonyms: madwoman, lunatic, psychopath, psychotic, maniac, crackpot, psycho, loony, screwball, kook, nut, nutcase, nutter

Other Words for Madness

Madness Noun Synonyms: craziness, lunacy, folly, foolishness, nonsense, senselessness, ridiculousness, pointlessness, illogicality, illogic, illogicalness, impracticality, preposterousness, futility
Madness Adverb Synonyms: insanity, lunacy, mania, dementia, psychosis, mental illness

Other Words for Magazine

Magazine Noun Synonyms: periodical, journal, publication

Other Words for Magic

Magic Noun Synonyms: witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, black magic, necromancy, black art, voodoo, obeahism, devilry or deviltry, diabolism, demonolatry, occultism, sortilege, theurgy, white magic, spell
Magic Adjective Synonyms: magical, enchanting, entrancing, bewitching, fascinating, hypnotic, mesmerizing, entrancing, spellbinding, charming, magnetic, ensorcelling

Other Words for Magician

Magician Adjective Synonyms: conjuror or conjurer, illusionist, wizard, sorcerer, sorceress, magus, necromancer, enchanter, enchantress, Merlin, Houdini, Circe, witch, warlock, thaumaturge, theurgist

Other Words for Magnetic

Magnetic Noun Synonyms: attractive, attracting, engaging, captivating, enthralling, seductive, alluring, entrancing, bewitching, beguiling, arresting, spellbinding, irresistible, charismatic, winning, winsome, inviting

Other Words for Magnetism

Magnetism Noun Synonyms: attraction, draw, appeal, allure, magic, lure, attractiveness, charm, pull, seductiveness, irresistibility, drawing power, charisma, duende, likeableness, sex appeal

Other Words for Magnification

Magnification Adjective Synonyms: enlargement, amplification, build-up, strengthening, enhancement, aggrandizement, raising, elevation, increase, expansion, heightening, glorification, ennoblement

Other Words for Magnificent

Magnificent Noun Synonyms: great, excellent, splendid, superior, superb, marvelous, glorious, grand, fine, impressive, imposing, awe-inspiring, impressive, brilliant, commanding, august, noble, majestic, regal, distinguished, elegant, exalted, sublime, outstanding, sumptuous

Other Words for Magnify

Magnify Noun Synonyms: enlarge, expand, amplify, inflate, increase, augment, exaggerate, heighten, build up, boost, dramatize, aggravate, worsen, exacerbate, overstate, blow up, make a mountain out of a molehill
Magnify Adjective Synonyms: enlarge, blow up

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