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Other Words for Like

Like Adjective Synonyms
similar to, identical to or with
Her daughter looks like her. He makes her feel like a perfect fool.

Like Adverb Synonyms
in the same way as, in the manner of, similarly to
Sometimes she acts like a maniac. The jacket fits him like a glove. He laughed like a drain. He treats his mother like a child.

Like Noun Synonyms
be fond of, approve of, appreciate, be partial to, have a fondness or liking for, have a weakness for, take to, delight in, take pleasure in, derive or get pleasure from, delight in, find agreeable or congenial, feel attracted to
She likes a day at the seaside. He likes chocolate ice-cream. I think she likes me.

Like Preposition Synonyms
match, equal, peer, fellow, opposite number, counterpart, twin
It is doubtful that we shall see his like again.

such as, for example, for instance, e.g., that is (to say), i.e., in other words, namely, to wit, viz.
Mistletoe grows on various trees, like oaks and birches.

same or similar kind or sort or ilk or type or kidney or breed or mould or cast or strain
The book deals with music, literature, theatre, painting, the like.

Like Verb Synonyms
as if, as though
He ran like mad.

in the mood for, disposed to
Do you feel like a walk in the park? He felt like going with me.

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Peer / Equal / Match

Like Kind

Business / Real Estate / Like Kind: A term relating to the nature of a property rather than its quality or quantity. Only like kind properties qualify for a real estate exchange and the resulting tax benefit. MORE

Mammal-Like Reptiles

Science / Biology / Mammal-Like Reptiles: Group of Permian-Triassic reptiles having some possible mammalian features, notably a more prominent dentary (tooth-bearing) bone and reduction of the incus and malleus (which are part of the reptilia MORE

Icy (Like Ice)

Entertainment / Bowling / Icy (Like Ice): Describes an oily/heavily conditioned lane where the ball skids a great deal..like if on ice! See also greasy and wet. MORE

Spring-Like Effect

Entertainment / Golf / Spring-Like Effect: (also 'trampoline effect') the 'bouncing back' of a club's face contributing force to the shot, limited by the rules of golf (see also cor) MORE


Entertainment / Music / Lamentoso: Like a lament. MORE

Tantsu Tantric Shiatsu

Health / Massage / Tantsu Tantric Shiatsu: Tantsu Tantric Shiatsu was invented by Harold Dull, who also created Watsu, or water shiatsu. Tantsu brings Watsu’s in-water nurturing and power back onto land. In a Tantsu session, the giver cradle MORE