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Other Words for Large

Large Adjective Synonyms
big, prominently, overwhelmingly, imposingly, eminently, pre-eminently
The problem looms large in the history of biology.

big, huge, ample, enormous, gigantic, immense, colossal, monumental, massive, mammoth, Brobdingnagian, gargantuan, elephantine, monstrous, staggering, sizeable, substantial, wide, broad, capacious, extensive, jumbo, humongous, ginormous
The house has a large dining room. Supertankers are the largest ships afloat.

Large Verb Synonyms
big, generous, bountiful, charitable, eleemosynary, philanthropic, open-handed, magnanimous, munificent, unselfish, big-hearted, large-hearted, substantial, considerable, ample, beneficent, liberal, goodly, kind, good, tidy
We have to thank Mr. Wilson for large donations to our Christmas fund.

big, great, broad, stout, heavy, thickset, chunky, stocky, heavy-set, brawny, husky, sturdy, hefty, muscular, strapping, burly, solid, weighty, corpulent, fat, obese, rotund, portly, adipose, beamy, overweight
Two large gentlemen came up and offered to help me find the door.

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