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Kind Adjective Synonyms
sort, type, variety, style, genre, species, class, breed, brand, make
What kind of tree is the cypress? Do we always have to have the same kind of breakfast cereal? .

Kind Noun Synonyms
friendly, kindly, nice, congenial, affable, approachable, amiable, obliging, accommodating, amicable, well-disposed, courteous, good, good-natured, benevolent, well-meaning, well-wishing, thoughtful, well-intentioned, generous, big-hearted, humanitarian
It was kind of you to stop and help us. I never thought of him as a kind man.

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Payment-In-Kind (PIK)

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Business / Real Estate / Like Kind: A term relating to the nature of a property rather than its quality or quantity. Only like kind properties qualify for a real estate exchange and the resulting tax benefit. MORE

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