Other Words for Jab

Jab Verb Synonyms: punch, hit, strike, belt, smack, rap, whack, thwack, cuff, thump, wallop, elbow, clip, sock, slug, biff
Jab Noun Synonyms: stab, thrust, poke, dig, prod, plunge, nudge, tap

Other Words for Jabber

Jabber Noun Synonyms: blether or only blather, chatter, babble, gibber, gabble, prate, prattle, patter, drivel, rattle, natter, yatter, gab, gas, yap, witter

Other Words for Jade

Jade Verb Synonyms: shrew, harridan, nag, hag, drab, witch, crone, hussy, minx, vixen, virago, termagant, beldam, slut, slattern, trull, trollop, baggage, tart, battle-axe, broad, bitch, old bag, floozie or floozy or floosie
Jade Noun Synonyms: nag, hack, screw, plug

Other Words for Jaded

Jaded Noun Synonyms: exhausted, weary, tired, dead tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, dog-tired, fatigued, enervated, spent, (dead) beat, dead, bushed, fagged, pooped

Other Words for Jag

Jag Adjective Synonyms: spree, carouse, orgy, bout, binge, toot

Other Words for Jagged

Jagged Adjective Synonyms: rough, uneven, notched, sawtooth, ragged, toothed, spiked, indented, denticulate, serrated, chipped

Other Words for Jail

Jail Noun Synonyms: gaol, prison, lock-up, reformatory, Borstal, penitentiary, reform school, brig, cooler, clink, can, jug, stir, slammer, nick, quod, choky or chokey, calaboose, big house, pen, coop, hoosegow, pokey
Jail Adjective Synonyms: imprison, lock up, incarcerate, detain, confine, send down, send up (the river)

Other Words for Jailer

Jailer Noun Synonyms: gaoler, turnkey, guard, warder, governor, warden, screw

Other Words for Jam

Jam Verb Synonyms: cram, force, push, wedge, stuff, press, ram, squeeze, shove, pack, crowd
Jam Noun Synonyms: block, obstruct, congest, fill up, clog, plug, stop up

Other Words for Jamboree

Jamboree Noun Synonyms: gathering, get-together, party, celebration, f�te, festival, festivity, carnival, frolic, revelry, spree, carouse, jubilee, revels, charivari

Other Words for Jangle

Jangle Noun Synonyms: clatter, clash, rattle, clang, clank, crash, ring, jingle
Jangle Verb Synonyms: jangling, clatter, clash, rattle, jarring, clang, clanging, clank, clanking, crash, clangour, noise, din, racket, clamour, dissonance, cacophony, reverberation, stridor

Other Words for Jar

Jar Verb Synonyms: crock, receptacle, vessel, container, urn, pot, vase, jug, pitcher, ewer, flagon, carafe, bottle, amphora
Jar Noun Synonyms: shake, agitate, disturb, stir, shock, jolt, jounce, bounce, jog, jerk, jiggle, joggle

Other Words for Jargon

Jargon Noun Synonyms: blether or also blather, chatter, babble, gibberish, jabber, gabble, gobbledegook or gobbledygook, prattle, patter, drivel, cackle, jabberwocky, twaddle, (stuff and) nonsense, rubbish, codswallop, balderdash, bunk, humbug, palaver, bavardage
Jargon Verb Synonyms: cant, argot, parlance, idiom, vernacular,, patois, Creole, dialect, pidgin, lingo

Other Words for Jaundiced

Jaundiced Noun Synonyms: coloured, tainted, distorted, twisted, prejudiced, opinionated, biased, preconceived, untrustworthy, bigoted, partial, unfair, perverted, dishonest, corrupt

Other Words for Jaunty

Jaunty Adjective Synonyms: spirited, lively, high-spirited, buoyant, brisk, frisky, sprightly, free (and easy), blithe, jovial, happy, jubilant, jolly, merry, cheerful, gay

Other Words for Jealous

Jealous Adjective Synonyms: resentful, bitter, grudging, envious, covetous, green with envy, green-eyed

Other Words for Jealously

Jealously Adjective Synonyms: watchfully, carefully, guardedly, protectively, warily, vigilantly, scrupulously, zealously, eagerly, attentively, anxiously, suspiciously

Other Words for Jeer

Jeer Adverb Synonyms: taunt, gibe or jibe, aspersion, hoot, hiss, boo, catcall, derision, ridicule, obloquy

Other Words for Jeer At

Jeer At Adjective Synonyms: mock, laugh or scoff or sneer (at), flout, deride, ridicule, make fun of, thumb one's nose at, gibe or jibe, chaff, decry, twit, taunt, rag, bullyrag, roast, cock a snook at, barrack, knock

Other Words for Jell

Jell Verb Synonyms: set, congeal, solidify, harden, coagulate, thicken, stiffen, gelatinize
Jell Noun Synonyms: (take) form, take shape, crystallize, materialize, come together, be set

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