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Other Words for Invisible

Invisible Adjective Synonyms
concealed, hidden, disguised, camouflaged, masked, covered, unperceived, veiled, indiscernible
Once the part has been painted, the damage will be invisible.

unseeable, imperceptible, undetectable, imperceivable, unseen
The air we breathe is invisible.

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Continuity Editing (Invisible Editing)

Technology / Television (TV) / Continuity Editing (Invisible Editing): A style of editing that creates a continuity of space and time out of the fragments of scenes contained in individual shots: the shots are arranged to support the progression of the story, thus editin MORE

Invisible Web

Business / Internet Marketing / Invisible Web: A term that refers to the vast amount of information on the web that isn't indexed by search engines. Coined in 1994 by Dr. Jill Ellsworth. MORE


Science / Weather / Haze: A suspension of fine dust and/or smoke particles in the air. Invisible to the naked eye, the particles reduce visibility by being sufficiently numerous to give the air an opalescent appearance. It is MORE

Latent Image

Entertainment / Photography / Latent Image: Invisible image produced by exposure which can be made visible by development. MORE

Science Fiction

Entertainment / Literature / Science Fiction: Literature in which speculative technology, time travel, alien races, intelligent robots, gene-engineering, space travel, experimental medicine, psionic abilities, dimensional portals, or altered scie MORE

American Dream

Entertainment / Literature / American Dream: A theme in American literature, film, and art that expresses optimistic desires for self-improvement, freedom, and self-sufficiency. Harry Shaw notes that the term can have no clear and fixed expressi MORE