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Other Words for Introduce

Introduce Adjective Synonyms
bring in or up, advance, present, broach, put or set forth, put forward, suggest, offer, propose, mention
It was she who introduced the issue of bacteria in canned goods.

Introduce Noun Synonyms
acquaint, present, make known
Sandy introduced Gerald and Daphne to each other.

Introduce Verb Synonyms
start, begin, originate, launch, establish, set up, pioneer, initiate,her in, institute, bring out or in, set up, organize
When was paper money first introduced.

announce, present
Please introduce the next speaker.

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Mention / Offer / Present / Start

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Entertainment / Photography / Carte-De-Visite: Portrait photograph on a mount about the size of a postcard. Introduced in 1854, carte-de-visite became a social craze in many countries during the 1860s. MORE

Dolby Digital

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