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Other Words for Integrity

Integrity Adjective Synonyms
honesty, probity, veracity, uprightness, honor, rectitude, principle, morality, goodness, trustworthiness, decency, virtue, incorruptibility, righteousness
He is a person of unimpeachable integrity.

Integrity Verb Synonyms
wholeness, entirety, unity, togetherness, soundness, completeness, coherence, oneness, totality
Care should be taken not to disturb the integrity of the protective film.

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Integrity Testing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Integrity Testing: A pre-employment psychological assessment tool used to gauge an applicant’s honesty. MORE

Honesty-Integrity Testing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Honesty-Integrity Testing: Tests used to assess an individual’s propensity for dishonest conduct or behavior (i.e., stealing or lying). MORE