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Other Words for Innocent

Innocent Adjective Synonyms
infant, babe (in arms or in the wood(s)), child, ing‚nue, novice, beginner, newcomer, greenhorn
She's certainly no innocent when it comes to men.

harmless, well-intentioned, safe, innocuous, inoffensive, unobjectionable
What began as an innocent stroll became a dangerous expedition.

naive, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unsuspecting, ingenuous, unsophisticated, trusting, trustful, gullible, credulous, green, inexperienced, childlike, unworldly, guileless, artless, simple, open, unartificial, sincere
Youngsters would arrive in London directly from the farm, entirely innocent and unaware of the perils of city life.

Innocent Noun Synonyms
pure, sinless, virtuous, chaste, virgin(al), undefiled, untainted, unstained, unsullied, pristine, incorrupt, uncorrupted, immaculate, spotless, unblemished, unpolluted
She is still a sweet child, innocent as the day she was born.

not guilty, guiltless, blameless, honest, (in the) clear, unimpeachable, above suspicion, above reproach, faultless
We all believe her innocent of extortion.

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