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Other Words for In Terms Of

In Terms Of Noun Synonyms
concerning, regarding, as regards, with regard to, in relation to, relative to, relating to, in the matter of
The psychiatrist offered little in terms of direct solutions to my problems.

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Business / Finance / Outsourcing: Purchasing a significant percentage of intermediate components from outside suppliers. MORE


Business / Finance / Outstanding: Used in the context of general equities. Stock held by shareholders (verses the company's treasury stock). MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Outside-In: A swing path that cuts across the target line from the far side of the target line, in relation to the player (outside), to the near side (inside) through the impact area MORE

Outside Shooting

Entertainment / Basketball / Outside Shooting: Shots taken from the perimeter. MORE

Outside Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Outside Cabin: A cabin having window(s) or porthole(s) offering an exterior view. MORE

Outside Of You

Business / Finance / Outside Of You: Used for listed equity securities. Another order bidding for or offering stock at the same price that the trader has put on the floor himself, represented by another broker in the trading crowd. These MORE