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Other Words for Improvement

Improvement Noun Synonyms
advance, change for the better
This year's crop is an improvement over last year's.

Improvement Verb Synonyms
betterment, amelioration, reform, rehabilitation, upgrading, enhancement, repair
The committee is working for the improvement of the neighborhood.

recovery, rise, increase, gain, advance, upswing, progress, recuperation, convalescence
There was an improvement in share prices after release of the trade figures. The patient shows considerable improvement.

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More Words for Improvement

Rise / Gain / Progress

Offsite Improvements

Business / Real Estate / Offsite Improvements: Improvements made outside of a propertys boundaries, such as sidewalks and streets. MORE

Price Improvement

Business / Taxes / Price Improvement: Price improvement occurs when you pay less or receive more on a securities transaction than the bid and offer prices being currently quoted. In other words, the price you pay to buy is lower than the MORE

Performance Improvement Plan

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Improvement Plan: A plan implemented by a manager or supervisor that is designed to provide employees with constructive feedback, facilitate discussions between an employee and his or her supervisor regarding performan MORE

Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA)

Business / Agriculture / Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA): P.L. 95-514 (October 25, 1978) defines the current grazing fee formula and establishes rangeland monitoring and inventory procedures for Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service rangelands. The Na MORE

Quality Improvement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Quality Improvement: Any system or process designed to enhance an organization's ability to meet quality requirements. MORE

Veterans Benefit Improvement Act Of 2004

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Veterans Benefit Improvement Act Of 2004: An act signed into law by President Bush on December 10, 2004 that amended portions of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), imparting certain reemployment and benefi MORE