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Other Words for Identify

Identify Noun Synonyms
classify, categorize, catalogue, pigeon-hole, sort (out), specify, pinpoint, home (in) on, name, label, tag, recognize, place, mark, label, tag, pinpoint, single out, point out, put one's finger on
We are unable to identify the butterfly you caught.

connect, associate, relate, ally
She is closely identified with the success of the enterprise.

Identify Verb Synonyms
diagnose, specify, name, recognize
From the symptoms, the doctor identified the disease as bubonic plague.

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More Words for Identify

Associate / Tag / Name / Mark / Relate

Committee On Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP)

Business / Taxes / Committee On Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP): The Committee on Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP) assigns codes and numbers to all securities traded in the United States. The CUSIP identification number is used to track the securit MORE

Non-Identifying Information

Life Style / Adoption / Non-Identifying Information: The medical and social history along with other information exchanged between birth parents and adoptive parents without using names, addresses or other identifying information of both parties. MORE

Invitation To Self-Identify

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Invitation To Self-Identify: An invitation by an employer extended to all employees who believe they are covered by Section 402 or 503 to identify themselves as having a disability, being a disabled veteran, a Vietnam-era veteran MORE

Identifying Information

Life Style / Adoption / Identifying Information: Information on birthparents which discloses their identities. MORE

Discharge Planning

Health / Dentistry / Discharge Planning: Identifying a patient's health care needs after discharge from inpatient care MORE

Exposure Assessment

Business / Agriculture / Exposure Assessment: Identifying the pathways by which toxicants may reach individuals, estimating how much of a chemical various individuals are likely to be exposed to, and estimating the number likely to be exposed at MORE