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Hot Adjective Synonyms
eager, keen, avid, anxious, burning, intense, fervent, zealous, ardent, enthusiastic, passionate, fervid, vehement, excited, animated, earnest, gung-ho
Desmond set out in hot pursuit of the thief.

dangerous, precarious, risky, sensitive, delicate, unstable, touchy, unpredictable
The situation is getting a bit too hot to handle.

popular, sought-after, commercial, saleable, marketable
The publisher believes Zenobia's Memoirs to be the hot property of the year.

lustful, lecherous, libidinous, lubricous or lubricious, sensual, concupiscent, prurient, licentious, oversexed, sex-crazed, sex-mad, lickerish, horn-mad, horny, randy, hard up
They were really hot, not having been with anyone of the opposite sex for months.

electrified, live, charged, powered
The hot wire connects to the other terminal - I think.

intense, vivid, striking, bright, brilliant, dazzling, loud
That hot pink lipstick looks good with your suntan.

recent, fresh, new, latest, brand-new
The hottest gossip is that she is marrying for the seventh time.

intense, fervent, zealous, ardent, enthusiastic, passionate, fervid, vehement, excited, animated, impetuous, fiery, fierce, inflamed, sharp, violent
He had some hot words with the foreman who had dismissed him.

Hot Noun Synonyms
fiery, white-hot, red-hot, piping hot, burning, blistering, scorching, roasting, frying, sizzling, searing, boiling, scalding, steaming, simmering, torrid, sweltering, sultry, heated
The hot, molten steel is cast into ingots here. During the day it is hot, but it cools down at night.

spicy, peppery, sharp, piquant, pungent, biting, acrid
She likes very hot food, with plenty of chilli.

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