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Other Words for Help

Help Noun Synonyms
relief, remedy, cure, balm
This ointment has been a great help in stopping the itching.

supporter, aide, assistant, helper
You have been a great help to me.

relieve, alleviate, mitigate, improve, facilitate, ease, better, remedy, cure
Complaining about it won't help the situation.

aid, assist, lend a hand, support, serve, succour
Let me help you carry that package, Mrs. Smith. His charitable efforts have long helped the poor.

Help Verb Synonyms
aid, support, succor, assistance
I need help in solving this problem.

stop, refrain from, avoid, eschew, resist, keep from, forbear, escape
I know it was a secret but I couldn't help telling Sam.

employee(s), worker(s), staff, helper(s), hand(s), assistant(s), labourer(s), domestic(s), servant(s), daily (help)
We have to hire more help to finish on time.

assist, serve, advise, inform
May I help you, sir.

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Support / Stop / Aid / Staff / Cure / Ease / Aide

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Learned Helplessness

Science / Psychiatry / Learned Helplessness: A condition in which a person attempts to establish and maintain contact with another by adopting a helpless, powerless stance. MORE

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