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Other Words for Help

Help Noun Synonyms
aid, assist, lend a hand, support, serve, succour
Let me help you carry that package, Mrs. Smith. His charitable efforts have long helped the poor.

relief, remedy, cure, balm
This ointment has been a great help in stopping the itching.

relieve, alleviate, mitigate, improve, facilitate, ease, better, remedy, cure
Complaining about it won't help the situation.

supporter, aide, assistant, helper
You have been a great help to me.

Help Verb Synonyms
aid, support, succor, assistance
I need help in solving this problem.

assist, serve, advise, inform
May I help you, sir.

employee(s), worker(s), staff, helper(s), hand(s), assistant(s), labourer(s), domestic(s), servant(s), daily (help)
We have to hire more help to finish on time.

stop, refrain from, avoid, eschew, resist, keep from, forbear, escape
I know it was a secret but I couldn't help telling Sam.

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Staff / Stop / Support / Aid / Aide / Cure / Ease

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Help (As In Helper Pins)

Entertainment / Bowling / Help (As In Helper Pins): A pin that comes off the sideboards and helps knock down the remaining pin or pins; see also messenger. MORE

Helper T Cells

Science / Biology / Helper T Cells: A type of lymphocyte that stimulates the production of antibodies by activating B cells when an antigen is present. MORE

Learned Helplessness

Science / Psychiatry / Learned Helplessness: A condition in which a person attempts to establish and maintain contact with another by adopting a helpless, powerless stance. MORE

Self-Help Land Development Loans

Business / Agriculture / Self-Help Land Development Loans: Section 523 loans are for acquiring and developing land that will be used for mutual self-help housing. MORE