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Other Words for Have

Have Noun Synonyms
receive, take, accept, get, obtain, acquire, procure, secure, take
How many gifts did you say she had from him.

Have Verb Synonyms
possess, own, keep, maintain
Imelda had more shoes than you could count.

partake of, participate in, experience, enjoy, eat, drink
I hope you have a good time.

give birth to, bear, deliver, bring into the world, beget, sire, father
She had three children in as many years. How many children has he had.

arrange, organize, set up, prepare, hold
If I have a party, will you come? We shall have our next meeting on Saturday.

suffer with or from, be suffering with or from, be experiencing, be undergoing, be enduring, be subjected to
My daughter was really ill when she had measles.

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