Other Words for Habit

Habit Verb Synonyms: custom, routine, practice, convention, policy, pattern,age, mode, rule, wont, praxis
Habit Noun Synonyms: attire, clothing, dress, apparel, clothes, garb, costume, garments, vestments, uniform, raiment, livery, regalia, habiliment(s), gear

Other Words for Habitable

Habitable Noun Synonyms: liveable, inhabitable

Other Words for Habitat

Habitat Noun Synonyms: abode, home, haunt, domain, range, territory, bailiwick, realm, terrain, element, environment, surroundings, stamping-ground

Other Words for Habitual

Habitual Adjective Synonyms: settled, fixed, customary,ual, conventional, accustomed, set, rooted, established, traditional, standard, routine, ritual, regular, normal, wonted, common, ordinary, natural
Habitual Noun Synonyms: inveterate, established, chronic, confirmed, hardened, ingrained, frequent, persistent, constant, continual, perpetual

Other Words for Hack

Hack Adjective Synonyms: chop, hew, lacerate, gash, slash, cut, mangle, butcher, mutilate, ruin, destroy, smash, batter, damage, deface
Hack Noun Synonyms: plodder, drudge, toiler, menial, flunkey, lackey, slave, fag, grind, swot
Hack Verb Synonyms: cut, gash, slash, chop

Other Words for Had Better

Had Better Verb Synonyms: ought to, must, should

Other Words for Had Rather

Had Rather Verb Synonyms: prefer to, would rather or sooner

Other Words for Hag

Hag Noun Synonyms: crone, fury, witch, ogress, gorgon, harpy, fishwife, harridan, shrew, virago, termagant, vixen, hell-cat, maenad or menad, Xanthippe, beldam, dog, beast, monster, battleaxe, bitch, bag, two-bagger

Other Words for Haggard

Haggard Adjective Synonyms: gaunt, drawn, wasted, emaciated, hollow-eyed, hollow-cheeked, scrawny, scraggy, ghastly, cadaverous, run-down, wearied, weary, careworn, spent, played out, exhausted, toil-worn, worn, shrunken, withered

Other Words for Haggle

Haggle Noun Synonyms: wrangle, bargain, higgle, bicker, chaffer, palter, dispute, squabble, quibble, negotiate, barter, deal, dicker

Other Words for Hail

Hail Verb Synonyms: cheer, salute, applaud, approve, glorify, praise, laud, honor, acclaim, congratulate, felicitate, acknowledge
Hail Adjective Synonyms: greet, accost, address, signal, call

Other Words for Hair

Hair Noun Synonyms: hair's breadth, whisker, trifle, fraction, skin of one's teeth
Hair Verb Synonyms: tresses, locks, mane, curls, ringlets, braids, plaits

Other Words for Hair-Splitting

Hair-Splitting Noun Synonyms: quibbling, (over-)fussy, hypercritical, petty, captious, carping, fault-finding, finicky, (over)nice, fastidious, cavilling, niggling, nit-picking

Other Words for Hairdo

Hairdo Noun Synonyms: coiffure, hairstyle, cut, coif

Other Words for Hairless

Hairless Noun Synonyms: bald, bald-headed, bald-pated, glabrous, calvous

Other Words for Hairy

Hairy Adjective Synonyms: hirsute, shaggy, downy, fleecy, fluffy, woolly, lanate or lanose, lanuginous or lanuginose, bristly, setaceous, setal, hispid, comate or comose, fringy, crinite, trichoid, strigose or strigous, strigillose, whiskered, bewhiskered, bearded, barbate

Other Words for Hale

Hale Adjective Synonyms: healthy, hearty, fit (as a fiddle), sound, able-bodied, hardy, wholesome, robust, flourishing, in good or fine fettle, in the pink

Other Words for Half Witted

Half Witted Adjective Synonyms: stupid, foolish, silly, simple, inane, asinine, moronic, imbecilic, doltish, rattle-brained, feeble-minded, attocerebral, cretinous, thick, non compos mentis, dim-witted, weak-minded, dumb, dotty, barmy (in the crumpet)

Other Words for Half-Hearted

Half-Hearted Adjective Synonyms: indifferent, uncaring, unconcerned, lukewarm, uninterested, dispassionate, cool, unenthusiastic, half-baked, nonchalant, phlegmatic, lackadaisical, insouciant

Other Words for Halfwit

Halfwit Adjective Synonyms: dunce, fool, idiot, simpleton, ninny, ass, ninny-hammer, moron, imbecile, dolt, dunderhead or dunderpate, rattle-brain, nincompoop, dullard, numskull or numbskull, nitwit, dim-wit, birdbrain, nit, twit

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