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Other Words for Grow

Grow Adjective Synonyms
develop, evolve, arise, issue, stem, spring (up), originate
A great friendship grew out of their association.

Grow Verb Synonyms
flourish, develop, increase, become larger or greater, enlarge, wax, swell, expand, broaden, thicken, spread, lengthen, multiply, burgeon or bourgeon, thrive, luxuriate, prosper, mature, ripen, bloom, flower, blossom, fructify, bear or yield fruit
The seeds he had planted grew abundantly. The population continues to grow.

become, get
I am growing fonder of you every day, Abbie.

plant, cultivate, breed, nurture, raise, propagate, produce, sow
Cathcart grows sorghum where he used to grow alfalfa.

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