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Good Adjective Synonyms
benefit, advantage, profit,efulness, gain, worth, avail
What good does it do to complain? .

great, considerable, sizeable, substantial, fair
We are still a good distance away from land.

obedient, well-behaved, proper, well-mannered
Why can't you be a good boy when we go out.

correct, proper, decorous, orderly, right, seemly, fit, fitting, suitable, meet, appropriate, allowable, permissible, admissible, passable, satisfactory, tolerable
He should get time off for good behavior.

thorough, complete, penetrating, careful
Has she had a good look at the defendant.

kind, benevolent, beneficent, gracious, gentle, kindly, nice, considerate, friendly, solicitous, good-hearted, sympathetic, benign, charitable, humane, kind-hearted, well-disposed
Her parents have always been good to me.

admirable, outstanding, first-rate, first-class, fine, superb, superior, tiptop, extraordinary, exemplary, choice, excellent, capital, marvelous, wonderful, splendid, sterling, super(-duper), great, smashing, A1 or A-1 or A-one, cracking
I thought that was a really good dinner.

agreeable, satisfactory, commendable, acceptable, fair, adequate, admissible, tolerable, all right, passable, okay or OK
According to the reviews, the new opera is good but not great.

genuine, valid, legitimate, authentic, honest, proper, reliable, secure, dependable, safe, creditable, sound, solid, substantial, well-founded, trustworthy, honest, actual, real, credible, believable, convincing, compelling, cogent
Have you a good reason for saying that.

approving, complimentary, flattering, positive, favorable, enthusiastic, laudatory, eulogistic, encomiastic
His book received a very good review in the Sunday supplement.

best, company, Sunday, special-occasion, most luxurious
Should we use the good glasses tonight.

fresh, unspoilt, edible, consumable, palatable
These eggs are good but the milk has gone off.

well-proportioned, shapely, attractive
Yes, I'd say that Marilyn has a good figure.

moral, high-minded, righteous, noble, wholesome, chaste, pure, honourable, ethical, upstanding, upright, virtuous, worthy, lofty, elevated, saintly, angelic, godly, godlike, honourable, esteemed, respected, respectable, well-thought-of, reputable, established, solid
They all agreed that he was a good man.

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