Other Words for Gab

Gab Adjective Synonyms: jabber, gabble, chatter, gibber, blather or blether, prate, prattle, blab, gossip, natter, witter, jaw, yack, run off at the mouth

Other Words for Gad About

Gad About Verb Synonyms: gallivant, run around, flit about, traipse

Other Words for Gadget

Gadget Noun Synonyms: contrivance, device, appliance, creation, invention, machine, tool, utensil, implement, instrument, mechanism, apparatus, contraption, widget, thingumabob or thingamabob or thingumbob, thingumajig or thingamajig or thingummy, whatchamacallit

Other Words for Gag

Gag Verb Synonyms: silence, stifle, still, muffle, stop (up), muzzle, quiet, curb, suppress, repress, restrain, throttle, strangle, check, inhibit, discourage
Gag Noun Synonyms: retch, choke, heave, gasp for air, struggle for breath, keck

Other Words for Gaieties

Gaieties Noun Synonyms: merrymaking, festivity, festivities, celebration, revelry, revels, rejoicing, conviviality, mafficking

Other Words for Gaiety

Gaiety Noun Synonyms: cheerfulness, exhilaration, elation, glee, joie de vivre, buoyancy, light-heartedness, blitheness, happiness, felicity, pleasure, delight, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, exultation, merriment, mirth, mirthfulness, jubilation, good or high spirits

Other Words for Gaily

Gaily Noun Synonyms: showily, gaudily, brightly, splendidly, brilliantly, colourfully, flashily, flamboyantly, garishly

Other Words for Gain

Gain Noun Synonyms: acquisition, achievement, attainment
Gain Adverb Synonyms: get, obtain, acquire, procure, attain, achieve, secure, earn, win, capture, bag, net, harvest, reap, garner, glean, collect, gather, come by, pick up
Gain Verb Synonyms: catch up (to or on or with), approach, get nearer (to), overtake, close with, close in (on), narrow the gap, gain ground

Other Words for Gain Possession Of

Gain Possession Of Noun Synonyms: seize, capture, take, conquer, occupy, acquire, win, possess oneself of, secure, obtain, repossess

Other Words for Gainful

Gainful Noun Synonyms: advantageous, profitable, productive, fruitful, beneficial,eful, valuable, worthwhile, rewarding, remunerative, lucrative, moneymaking

Other Words for Gala

Gala Adjective Synonyms: merry, festive, joyful, joyous, gleeful, jovial, gay, celebratory, jolly, convivial, happy, cheerful, cheery
Gala Noun Synonyms: f�te or fete, festival, festivity, feast, celebration, event, red-letter day, holiday, holy day, carnival, occasion, happening, event, pageant, party, ball, field-day

Other Words for Gale

Gale Noun Synonyms: wind-storm, strong wind, (big or hard) blow, blast, turbulence, storm, tempest
Gale Adjective Synonyms: outburst, burst, explosion, eruption, peal, roar, scream, shout, howl, shriek

Other Words for Gall

Gall Noun Synonyms: bitterness, acerbity, acrimony, harshness, vitriol, asperity, bile, spleen, causticness or causticity, bite, mordacity or mordaciousness, sharpness, rancidness or rancidity, venom, poison, rancor

Other Words for Gallant

Gallant Verb Synonyms: brave, courageous, bold, valiant, daring, dauntless, intrepid, plucky, fearless, valorous, unafraid, undaunted, manly, manful, plucky, mettlesome, stout-hearted, lion-hearted, heroic, dashing, (high-)spirited
Gallant Adjective Synonyms: champion, hero, knight, cavalier, paladin

Other Words for Gallows

Gallows Adjective Synonyms: gibbet

Other Words for Galore

Galore Noun Synonyms: in abundance, in large quantity or numbers or amounts, in excess, everywhere, aplenty, in profusion

Other Words for Gamble

Gamble Noun Synonyms: risk, venture, hazard, bet, wager, stake, chance, speculate, play, game, punt
Gamble Verb Synonyms: chance, risk, venture, uncertainty, speculation, crap-shoot

Other Words for Gamble On

Gamble On Adverb Synonyms: back, bet or wager on, stake or put money on, take a chance or flier on, try one's luck or fortune on, lay or place or make a wager or bet on, count on, rely on

Other Words for Game

Game Adjective Synonyms: gamble
Game Noun Synonyms: amusement, pastime, diversion, distraction, recreation, play, sport

Other Words for Gamut

Gamut Adjective Synonyms: range, scale, spectrum, compass, spread, sweep, field, series

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