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Other Words for Fire

Fire Adjective Synonyms
feeling, passion, ardor, ardency, fervor, fervency, intensity, vigor, spirit, energy, vim, vivacity, sparkle, animation, liveliness, verve, pep, dash, vitality, eagerness, enthusiasm, fever, feverishness
I have never seen the role of Carmen performed with such fire.

Fire Noun Synonyms
discharge, shoot, let go (with), launch, propel, throw, catapult, hurl
He fired the missile towards the enemy.

firing, fusillade, volley, barrage, bombardment, salvo, cannonade, shelling, broadside, flak
The fire from the guns shook the house.

a set fire to, set afire, set on fire, ignite, set alight, kindle, spark (off), put to the torch, burn, torch
Arsonists fired our headquarters last night.

flame(s), blaze, conflagration, holocaust, inferno
We gathered round the roaring fire.

Fire Verb Synonyms
discharge, dismiss, oust, let go, cashier, give (someone) notice, make or declare redundant, ask for or get (someone's) cards, give (someone) a pink slip, bounce, give (someone) the bounce, axe, give (someone) the axe
They fired me last month and I can't find work.

detonate, set off, ignite, set fire to, light, let off
It is against the law to fire any explosives in this area.

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