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Other Words for Fight

Fight Adjective Synonyms
contend (with), battle, conflict (with), encounter, war (against), engage, clash, take up arms (against), feud (with), combat, bear or take up arms (against), brawl, struggle or strive (with or against), cross swords (with), close (with)
He offered to fight anyone in the place. Why are the boys always fighting? .

rise up, make or take a stand, struggle, take up arms
It is better to fight for the good than to rail at the ill.

Fight Noun Synonyms
pugnacity, mettle, militancy, belligerence, truculence, spirit, pluck, zeal, enthusiasm, zest
She had enough fight left in her to go on to win.

Fight Verb Synonyms
battle, conflict, bout, duel, (single) combat, monomachy, one-on-one, action, warfare, clash, hostilities, war, match, struggle, engagement, meeting, encounter, contest, fighting, brawl, Donnybrook, affray, fray, fracas, disturbance, riot, row, mele
Three policeman were injured in the hour-long fight.

argue, dispute, bicker, quarrel, wrangle, squabble, spat, tiff, fall out (over), have words, disagree, row, altercate, debate
I hear the neighbors fight every night.

altercation, argument, quarrel, feud, dispute, run-in, disagreement, dissension, dissidence, dissent, difference (of opinion), squabble, bickering, spat, misunderstanding, row, discord, ruckus
Such fights between husband and wife happen all the time.

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