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Other Words for Feast

Feast Adjective Synonyms
observance, celebration, rite, ritual, solemnization, commemoration, memorialization, anniversary, birthday, jubilee, feast-day, festival, fête, holy day, holiday, red-letter day, occasion, event, gala
Church calendars list both movable and immovable feasts.

Feast Noun Synonyms
entertain, feed, wine and dine, treat, regale
Visitors to Arthur's court were feasted with the finest viands available.

dine, wine (and dine), fare well or sumptuously, (over)indulge, gorge (oneself), gormandize, eat one's fill
We feasted on roast turkey with all the trimmings.

treat, delight, pleasure, gratification
Seeing you again was a feast for the eyes.

banquet, (lavish) dinner, (sumptuous) repast, (Lucullan or Epicurean) treat, spread, beanfeast, blow-out, beano
Dinner at Patrick's is no mere meal - it is a feast.

Feast Verb Synonyms
delight, gratify, please, cheer, gladden
Ali Baba feasted his eyes on the vast treasure in the cave.

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