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Other Words for Fast

Fast Adjective Synonyms
firmly, fixedly, immovably, solidly, unshakeably or unshakably, tightly, securely, soundly
The rope held fast. He is fast asleep.

loose, profligate, wild, extravagant, dissipated, intemperate, irresponsible, sybaritic, self-indulgent, dissolute, unrestrained, indecorous, rakish, licentious, promiscuous, immoral, wanton, lecherous, lustful
They led quite a fast life till their divorce.

quickly, swiftly, rapidly, speedily, briskly, presto, hastily, hurriedly, with all speed or haste, expeditiously, apace, post-haste, like a flash, in the blink of an eye, in a wink, before you can say 'Jack Robinson', in no time (at all)
Don't talk so fast. He ran out of there very fast. I'll be back very fast.

firm, fastened, secure(d), fixed, tied, bound, connected, attached
The boat was fast to the pier.

firm, fixed, settled, stable, solid, immovable, unshakable or unshakeable, tight
The sword was fast in the stone.

firm, stable, steadfast, staunch, unwavering, constant, lasting, close, loyal, devoted, faithful, lasting, permanent
We maintained a fast friendship over the years.

Fast Adverb Synonyms
abstention, abstinence, fasting, self-denial, diet, hunger strike
She went on a two-week fast.

abstain, go hungry, deny oneself, diet, starve (oneself)
Do you fast during Lent.

closely, close to, immediately, near, (close) on, right
Fast on the heels of the fugitive came the police.

loosely, wildly, recklessly, intemperately, irresponsibly, fecklessly, extravagantly, intemperately, sybaritically, self-indulgently, dissolutely, unrestrainedly, indecorously, rakishly, licentiously, promiscuously, immorally, wantonly, lecherously
He's been living fast since inheriting that fortune.

Fast Verb Synonyms
quick, swift, fleet, speedy, brisk, brief, hurried, hasty, high-speed, accelerated, expeditious, rapid, express
She is very fast on her feet. We need a fast turn-round on this job.

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