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Other Words for Family

Family Noun Synonyms
(kith and) kin, kinsmen, kindred, kinsfolk or and kinfolk, next of kin, relatives, relations, household, people, one's own flesh and blood, one's nearest and dearest, ménage, folks
We usually spend the holidays with my family.

ancestors, forebears, forefathers, progenitors, ancestry, parentage, descent, extraction, derivation, lineage, pedigree, genealogy, family tree, house, line, bloodline, dynasty, blood, stock, strain
He came from an old family of German bankers.

group, set, division, subdivision, classification, type, kind, class, genre, order, species, genus
English belongs to the Indo-European family of languages.

Family Verb Synonyms
children, offspring, progeny, issue, brood, kids
Large families were much more common in the 19th century.

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Group / People / Line / Order / Class / Stock / House / Set / Kind / Type

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Gene Family

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Brass Family

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Family Unity Model

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