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Other Words for Fall

Fall Adjective Synonyms
tumble, trip, stumble, slump, collapse, keel over, topple, crumple
Mother fell in the kitchen and hurt her knee.

Fall Noun Synonyms
descend, sink, subside, settle, drop or come (down), plummet, plunge, dive, (take a) nosedive, cascade
The bucket fell to the bottom of the well. A meteorite fell on my house. The water falls 100 metres over the cliff at this point.

surrender, capitulation, submission, taking, seizure, capture, overthrow, defeat, conquest, downfall
The fall of Khartoum in 1898 marked the re-establishment ofish rule in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

slope, declivity, descent, decline, drop, downhill, downgrade
Note the smooth rise and fall of the land.

Fall Verb Synonyms
decline, decay, collapse, downfall, failure, destruction, ruin, failure, deterioration, eclipse
Have you read Poe's classic Fall of the House of Usher ? .

slope, fall away, decline
Beyond the spinney, the meadow falls towards the river.

die, perish, drop dead, be slain or killed
His grandfather fell at the Battle of the Marne.

succumb, surrender, yield, give up or in, capitulate, be defeated or conquered, be captured, be taken (captive or prisoner), be overthrown, come or go to ruin, be destroyed, be lost
The castle fell after a year's siege.

drop, descent, dive, nosedive, plunge, tumble, dropping, falling
How could he have survived a fall from such a height? .

diminish, (become) lower, sink, decline, fall or drop off, drop, decrease, dwindle, subside, come or go down
The price of oil fell today to a new low.

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