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Other Words for Faithful

Faithful Adjective Synonyms
conscientious, dutiful, scrupulous, careful, meticulous, thorough, punctilious, finicky or finical, detailed, fastidious, rigorous, rigid, severe, particular
He received a gold watch for fifty years of faithful attendance to his duties.

reliable, dependable, trusted, trustworthy, trusty, honest, true, truthful, righteous, right, moral, virtuous, upright, veracious
He has remained my faithful friend for many years.

Faithful Noun Synonyms
true, loyal, devoted, steadfast, dedicated, attached, unswerving, firm, staunch, unwavering, constant
He has always remained faithful to his wife.

close, exact, accurate, true, correct, precise, perfect, valid, literal
Jowett's is a faithful translation from the Greek.

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