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Other Words for Explain

Explain Verb Synonyms
interpret, define, explicate, detail, delineate, make plain, simplify, spell out, resolve, get across, clarify, clear up, elucidate, illustrate, expound, describe, disclose, unfold, unravel, untangle
The teacher explained the theory so that even I could understand it.

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Entertainment / Literature / Aporia: (Greek: impassable path) The deliberate act of talking about how one is unable to talk about something. For instance, 'I can't tell you how often writers use aporia.' The term dubitatio refers to a su MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Theodicy: In theological writings, this term refers to a defense of God's goodness or justice in the face of evil being allowed to exist or innocent creatures being allowed to suffer--i.e., explanations for why MORE