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Other Words for Exercise

Exercise Adjective Synonyms
employ, apply, practise, bring to bear, put to use or effect, discharge, exert, wield, execute, utilize, effect
Try to exercise better judgment next time. The chairman exercises too much authority.

Exercise Noun Synonyms
work out, limber up, warm up, train, drill
She exercises for an hour every day.

Exercise Verb Synonyms
activity, workout, working-out, warm-up, warming up, callisthenics, aerobics, isometrics, gymnastics, training, drill, drilling
Exercise is good for the heart.

harass, annoy, irritate, vex, harry, distress, worry, concern, burden, try, trouble, perturb, disturb, agitate, make nervous, drive crazy, drive up the wall
We have been much exercised over the issue of acid rain.

action, application, practice, performance, discharge, utilization, employment, execution, operation
We expect the exercise of your best endeavours.

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More Words for Exercise

Effect / Try / Practice / Trouble

Exercise Machine

Health / Fitness / Exercise Machine: Exercise machines are a category of exercise equipment that is not moved as a complete unit during the exercise.  Exercise machines commonly (but not always) incorporate a stack of weight plates and MORE

Anaerobic Exercise

Entertainment / Bowling / Anaerobic Exercise: Exercise utilizing carbohydrates as the main energy source. Short term habitually requiring maximal efforts of strength or power. MORE

Aerobic Exercise

Entertainment / Bowling / Aerobic Exercise: Exercise utilizing oxygen and body fats as the main energy source. Endurance in nature and usually at submaximal levels. MORE

Isotonic Exercise

Health / Fitness / Isotonic Exercise: Muscular action in which there is a change in length of muscle and weight, keeping tension constant. Lifting free weights is a classic isotonic exercise. MORE

Isometric Exercise

Health / Fitness / Isometric Exercise: Muscular contraction where muscle maintains a constant length and joints do not move. These exercises are usually performed against a wall or other immovable object. MORE

Isolation Exercise

Health / Fitness / Isolation Exercise: Weight lifting exercise that stimulate just a single muscle group. Good for defining a muscle. MORE