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Other Words for Engage

Engage Verb Synonyms
occupy, engross, busy, absorb, involve, tie up, preoccupy, employ
This task will engage all available resources until the end of next month.

pledge, undertake, bargain, agree, covenant, promise, guarantee, contract
I engaged to complete the work by Tuesday.

employ, hire, enrol or also enroll, enlist, retain, sign (up), contract with or for, indenture, rent, book, reserve, secure, bespeak
She was engaged on a part-time basis. We engaged rooms for the night.

join (in) combat or battle with, meet, encounter, fight, combat, attack, battle, clash with, grapple with
The enemy was engaged at dawn.

attract, hold, capture, catch, draw
The museum has many exhibits that will engage the interest of children.

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