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Other Words for Elderly

Elderly Noun Synonyms
old, past middle age, oldish, advanced in years, of advanced age, along in years, grey, ageing, aged, venerable, hoary, ancient, senescent, decrepit, superannuated, senile, anile, over the hill, past it, long in the tooth, having one foot in the grave
Today, a person isn't considered elderly till he's past 65.

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Elderly And Disabled

Business / Agriculture / Elderly And Disabled: For food stamp purposes: 'elderly' persons are age 60 or older: and 'disabled' persons are beneficiaries of disability-based governmental assistance, such as social security disability payments and ce MORE

Nutrition Program For The Elderly (NPE)

Business / Agriculture / Nutrition Program For The Elderly (NPE): This program, authorized under Title III of the Older Americans Act, provides (1) basic grants to operate nutrition programs for the elderly, such as 'meals-on-wheels' and congregate dining programs, MORE

Commodity Distribution Program

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Distribution Program: This program supplies authority for the Secretary of Agriculture to use agricultural surplus removal (Section 32) and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) funds to buy commodities for child and elderly MORE