Other Words for Eager

Eager Noun Synonyms: avid, zealous, ardent, earnest, keen, enthusiastic, hot, hungry, fervent, fervid, passionate, spirited, inspirited, energetic, energized, vehement, animated, excited, vitalized, stimulated, desirous, yearning, desiring, craving, wanting, longing, itchy

Other Words for Eagerness

Eagerness Noun Synonyms: desire, longing, wishing, yearning
Eagerness Adjective Synonyms: avidity, zeal, earnestness, keenness, enthusiasm, fervor, hunger, vehemence, animation, vitality, appetite, zest, relish, spirit, spiritedness, gusto, verve, dash, vim, vigor, energy, get-up-and-go, zip

Other Words for Eagle-Eyed

Eagle-Eyed Noun Synonyms: sharp-eyed, sharp-sighted, keen-eyed, keen-sighted, lynx-eyed, hawk-eyed, perceptive, perspicacious, discerning, sharp, watchful, alert

Other Words for Ear

Ear Adjective Synonyms: attention, heed, notice, regard, consideration
Ear Noun Synonyms: sensitivity, appreciation, taste, discrimination

Other Words for Early

Early Adjective Synonyms: initial, beginning, original, first, pioneer, advanced
Early Noun Synonyms: beforehand, ahead (of time), prematurely
Early Adverb Synonyms: anciently, initially, originally, at or near the start or beginning

Other Words for Earn

Earn Adjective Synonyms: merit, deserve, be worthy of, be entitled to, win, warrant, rate, qualify for, have a claim or right to
Earn Verb Synonyms: make, pocket, gross, net, clear, realize, receive, get, procure, collect, reap, bring in, take home, draw, pull down

Other Words for Earnest

Earnest Verb Synonyms: serious, solemn, grave, sober, intense, steady, resolute, resolved, firm, determined, assiduous, sincere, dedicated, committed, devoted, thoughtful
Earnest Adjective Synonyms: zealous, ardent, diligent, assiduous, industrious, hard-working, devoted, eager, conscientious, keen, fervent, fervid, enthusiastic, passionate

Other Words for Earnest-Money

Earnest-Money Adjective Synonyms: deposit, down payment, binder, handsel, guarantee, security, pledge

Other Words for Earnings

Earnings Noun Synonyms: wages, salary, income, compensation, pay, stipend, emolument, proceeds, return, revenue, yield, takings, take

Other Words for Earth

Earth Noun Plural Synonyms: globe, mother earth, planet, world, blue planet, Terra
Earth Noun Synonyms: soil, dirt, loam, sod, clay, turf, ground, mould

Other Words for Earthly

Earthly Adjective Synonyms: worldly, mundane, material, materialistic, physical, non-spiritual, sensual, carnal, fleshly, corporeal, base, natural
Earthly Noun Synonyms: terrestrial, terrene, telluric

Other Words for Earthy

Earthy Adjective Synonyms: ribald, bawdy, unrefined, coarse, crude, shameless, wanton, uninhibited, abandoned, vulgar, lusty, rough, dirty, indecent, obscene

Other Words for Ease

Ease Verb Synonyms: lessen, diminish, abate, mitigate, reduce, decrease, allay, alleviate, assuage, mollify, appease, palliate, quiet, relieve
Ease Adjective Synonyms: comfort, repose, well-being, relaxation, leisure, rest, contentment, calmness, tranquillity, serenity, peacefulness, peace, peace and quiet
Ease Noun Synonyms: easiness, simplicity, facility, effortlessness, adeptness

Other Words for Easily

Easily Verb Synonyms: smoothly, effortlessly, readily, simply, handily, without a hitch, hands down, without even trying, comfortably, with no or without difficulty, easy as pie
Easily Adverb Synonyms: by far, beyond or without doubt or question, indisputably, indubitably, undoubtedly, doubtless(ly), unquestionably, clearly, far and away, definitely, definitively, conclusively, certainly, surely, undeniably, obviously, patently

Other Words for Easy

Easy Adjective Synonyms: carefree, easygoing, casual, lenient, undemanding, relaxed, quiet, serene, restful, tranquil, peaceful, untroubled, undisturbed, unoppressive, gentle, mild, calm, comfortable, cosy, unhurried, leisurely
Easy Adverb Synonyms: simple, effortless, plain, clear, straightforward, hands down, uncomplicated, elementary, foolproof, easy as pie, easy as can be

Other Words for Easygoing

Easygoing Adverb Synonyms: relaxed, casual, mellow, carefree, undemanding, easy, even-tempered, forbearing, lenient, tolerant, permissive, over-tolerant, over-permissive, lax, weak, wishy-washy, laid-back

Other Words for Eat

Eat Adjective Synonyms: dine, lunch, breakfast, sup, break bread, snack, have a bite, consume, devour, take (in) nourishment, put or pack away, nosh, put or tie on the nosebag or and feed-bag

Other Words for Eavesdrop

Eavesdrop Verb Synonyms: listen in, tap, overhear, snoop, spy, pry

Other Words for Ebb

Ebb Noun Synonyms: decline, decay, decrease, diminution, wane, drop, slackening (off), dwindling, lessening, deterioration, degeneration
Ebb Verb Synonyms: recede, flow back, subside, go out, go down, fall back or away, retreat, retrocede, retire

Other Words for Ebullient

Ebullient Noun Synonyms: bubbling, overflowing, effervescent, excited, effusive, exhilarated, elated, buoyant, exuberant, enthusiastic, zestful

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