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Other Words for Dumb

Dumb Adjective Synonyms
dull, stupid, thick
He's too dumb to understand what you are saying.

Dumb Adverb Synonyms
mute, speechless, voiceless, silent, quiet, taciturn, mum, wordless, inarticulate
She was struck dumb with astonishment.

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Thick / Quiet

Dumb Terminal

Technology / Computers / Dumb Terminal: This refers to a monitor a keyboard setup that can receive, enter, transmit and display information from a server. But it cannot process any information. Most commonly, these terminals were used to co MORE


Health / Fitness / Dumbbell: A small metal bar consisting of two weights on each side. The weights can be attached or detached. The bar is gripped with one hand between the weights. MORE

Dumb Shows

Entertainment / Literature / Dumb Shows: These mimed scenes before a play or before each act in a play summarized or foreshadowed the coming events of the plot. These shows were common in early Renaissance drama, but Greenblatt notes that th MORE