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Other Words for Discount

Discount Adjective Synonyms
reduce, mark down, deduct, lower, take or knock off
As I was buying a dozen, he discounted the price by ten per cent.

Discount Verb Synonyms
diminish, lessen, minimize, detract from
One must discount what she says when she's angry.

disregard, omit, ignore, pass or gloss over, overlook, brush off, dismiss
Those statistics are old and can be discounted.

reduction, mark-down, deduction, rebate, allowance
The shop overstocked the item and is offering it at a big discount.

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Discounting The News

Business / Finance / Discounting The News: Calculating the present value of a future amount. Discounting is opposite to compounding. MORE

Prompt Payment Discounts

Business / Finance / Prompt Payment Discounts: Discounts that a business gives to credit customers who pay within a specified period of time; also called sales discounts. On an income statement, this amount is subtracted from Gross Sales to yield MORE

Discount Brokerage Firm

Business / Taxes / Discount Brokerage Firm: Discount brokerage firms charge lower commissions than full-service brokerage firms when they execute investors' buy and sell orders but may provide fewer services to their clients. For example, they MORE

Discounting A Note Receivable

Business / Accounting / Discounting A Note Receivable: The process of the payee's selling notes to financial institution for less than the maturity value. MORE

Volume Discount

Business / Finance / Volume Discount: A note appearing on the consolidated tape when the tape is running behind under heavy trading, meaning that only the stock symbol and price will be shown for trades under 5000 shares. MORE

Dividend Discount Model (DDM)

Business / Finance / Dividend Discount Model (DDM): A group of shareholders who prefer that the firm follow a particular dividend policy. Such a preference may be based on comparable tax situations. MORE