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Other Words for Detect

Detect Adjective Synonyms
uncover, find (out), discover, locate, learn of, ascertain, determine, dig up, unearth
The pathologist detected the presence of prussic acid in the victim's bloodstream.

Detect Verb Synonyms
perceive, note, notice, identify, spot, observe, sense, read, scent, smell, discern, feel, catch, find
Did I detect a tone of sarcasm in your reply, young man.

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More Words for Detect

Feel / Notice / Sense / Catch / Note

Automatic Foul Detector

Entertainment / Bowling / Automatic Foul Detector: An electric eye device that sets off an alarm if the bowler's foot crosses the foul line. MORE

Radar Detector

Technology / Radar / Radar Detector: An electronic device used to find any radar operating in the vicinity. MORE

Thermocouple-Thermal Detection Device

Technology / Motors / Thermocouple-Thermal Detection Device: A temperature detecting device made of two dissimilar metals which generate a voltage as a function of temperature. Thermocouples can be attached to a meter or alarm to detect overheating of motor win MORE

Zero Bit Detection

Technology / Home Audio / Zero Bit Detection: A circuit in a D/A converter that monitors the digital audio bit stream. Upon encountering all bits low, or zero bits, the output of the D/A is disconnected from the preamp. This improves the signal-t MORE

Maximum Detectable Range

Technology / Radar / Maximum Detectable Range: The maximum range at which a target can be detected is determined by transmitted power, scanner height, pulse length, receiver sensitivity, atmospheric conditions, target size, shape and reflectivity. MORE

Minimum Detectable Range

Technology / Radar / Minimum Detectable Range: The minimum range at which an object can be detected due to antenna height, vertical beam width and transmitted pulse length. MORE