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Other Words for Desire

Desire Adjective Synonyms
crave, want, fancy, covet, wish for, hope for, long or yearn for, pine or sigh for, hanker after, have an eye or taste for, hunger or thirst for or after, die for, have one's heart set on, give one's eye-teeth for, have a yen for
I desire nothing but your happiness. He desired her more than anything else in the world.

Desire Noun Synonyms
wish, request, urge, requirement, order, requisition, demand, desideratum, appeal, entreaty, petition
He fulfils her every desire.

Desire Verb Synonyms
ask for, request, order, demand, solicit, importune, summon, require
Do you desire anything further, sir.

longing, craving, yearning, hankering, hunger, thirst, appetite, passion, lust, libido, lustfulness, concupiscence, lecherousness, lechery, lasciviousness, salaciousness, prurience, hot pants, the hots, yen
He felt desire rising in him like a fever.

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