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Other Words for Decline

Decline Noun Synonyms
declivity, (downward) slope or slant, descent, downgrade, incline
The path led down a steep decline towards the pond.

degeneration, deterioration, loss, diminution, weakening, debility, weakness, worsening, decay, failing
We noted a decline in the physical condition of those living nearby.

Decline Verb Synonyms
diminution, decrease, lessening, ebb, downturn, fall-off, reduction, abatement, slump, descent
There has been a steady decline in the value of the pound.

diminish, lessen, decrease, wane, flag, go down, fall or taper off, subside, ebb, abate, dwindle, shrink, fade, peter out, run out of steam, run out of gas
Demand for hula hoops declined.

refuse, turn down, deny, reject, demur, forgo, veto, avoid, abstain from
She declined help with the packages. Roger was offered a professorship at the university but he declined.

slope or slant (downwards), descend, drop or fall off, dip, sink
The meadow declines towards the river.

go or drop down, settle, dip, sink, set
The sun was declining as I went home.

deteriorate, degenerate, worsen, fail
My health has declined over the last year.

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