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Dead Adjective Synonyms
complete, entire, total, absolute, downright, thorough, through and through, utter, all-out, out-and-out, unqualified, unrelieved, unbroken, categorical, outright
My investment in the anti-gravity pill has so far been a dead loss.

dull, muffled, deadened, anechoic, unresounding, non-resonant
One room in the laboratory was built to be dead to all sound.

deceased, defunct, extinct, gone, departed, late, lifeless, no more, done for, gone for a burton
Both his parents are dead, his only brother lives inalia. Lycidas is dead, dead ere his prime.

insensible, unconscious, out, dead to the world, deathlike, deathly
At the news of her son, she fell in a dead faint.

sudden, abrupt, complete, full
The train came to a dead stop.

insensate, insensible, numb, paralysed, benumbed, unfeeling
After the accident, my left thumb was completely dead.

tired (out), exhausted, worn out, fatigued, tired out, spent, collapsing, in a state of collapse, bushed, beat, knackered, pooped
We were completely dead after the hike into town.

completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, utterly, categorically, thoroughly, unconditionally, unqualifiedly
You are dead right about Pontefract.

certain, sure, unerring, exact, precise, accurate, crack
According to the records, Calamity Jane was a dead shot.

stagnant, motionless, still, standing, static, inert, unmoving, inactive, quiet, calm
There were small pools of dead water covered with a green slime. Without a breath of air stirring, the boat was dead in the water.

out, smothered, extinguished
The fire is dead.

boring, dull, tedious, tiresome, monotonous, prosaic, uninteresting, run-of-the-mill, ordinary, commonplace, dry, insipid, bland, flat, two-dimensional, lifeless, stiff, rigid, stony
The play was bad, the performance dead.

extinct, obsolete, perished, past, outmoded, disused, expired, passe
Latin is a dead language.

barren, unfruitful, infertile, unproductive
That area off the coast is dead as far as fishing goes.

insensitive, unemotional, unfeeling, emotionless, apathetic, lukewarm, cool, cold, frigid, unresponsive, unsympathetic, indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested, numb, wooden, callous, hardened, impervious, inured, inert
He has always been dead to others' problems.

profound, deep
I fell into a dead sleep.

dull, lustreless, flat, neutral, vapid, empty, bland, colourless, grey, beige, dun
The walls of the prison were painted a dead white.

inanimate, lifeless, inert, inorganic
Dead stones speak volumes to the geologist.

Dead Adverb Synonyms
depth(s), extreme, midst, middle
She used to visit his room in the dead of night.

directly, exactly, precisely
An enormous maelstrom lay dead ahead of the fragile craft.

completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, abruptly, suddenly
He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me.

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