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Other Words for Date

Date Noun Synonyms
show one's age, make obsolete or obsolescent or old-fashioned
That pompadour hair-do really dates her.

appointment, meeting, engagement, rendezvous, assignation, tryst, fixture
She already has a date for Saturday night.

escort, companion, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, girl, woman, boy, man, swain, beau, lover, steady
Bob is Sally's date for the dance.

time, year, season, period, day, age, era, epoch, stage, phase
These artefacts are from an earlier date than was first supposed.

Date Verb Synonyms
entertain, escort, go out (with), go steady (with)
Does Michael still date Patsy? Those two are still dating.

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Age / Era / Man / Woman / Girl / Boy / Day / Friend

Date Of Record

Business / Accounting / Date Of Record: The date selected by a corporation's board of directors on which the shareholders of record are identified as those who will receive dividends. MORE

Coverage End Date

Health / Dentistry / Coverage End Date: Coverage End Date displays the date that coverage ends for a participant. This field is blank, if the participant is considered covered as of the date of the inquiry. MORE

Record Date

Business / Finance / Record Date: (1) Date by which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to a dividend. For example, a firm might declare a dividend on Nov. 1, payable Dec. 1 to holders of record Nov. 15. O MORE

Offering Date

Business / Finance / Offering Date: Date on which a new set of stocks or bonds will first be sold to the public. MORE

Dated Date

Business / Finance / Dated Date: Date on which holders of record in a firm's stock ledger are designated as the recipients of either dividends or stock rights. MORE

Expiry Date

Entertainment / Photography / Expiry Date: Date stamp on most film boxes indicating the useful life of the material in terms of maintaining its published speed and contrast. MORE