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Other Words for Dialect

Dialect Verb Synonyms: speech (pattern), phraseology, idiom, accent, pronunciation, patois, vernacular, jargon, cant,, argot, language, tongue, Creole, pidgin, brogue, burr, lingo

Other Words for Dialogue

Dialogue Noun Synonyms: duologue, conversation, discussion, conference, talk, chat, colloquy, communication

Other Words for Diary

Diary Noun Synonyms: appointment book, date-book, calendar, engagement book, journal, chronicle, log, record, annal(s)

Other Words for Dicey

Dicey Noun Synonyms: risky, tricky, dangerous, difficult, ticklish, unpredictable, uncertain, unsure, doubtful, iffy, chancy or chancey, hairy

Other Words for Dicker

Dicker Verb Synonyms: bargain, deal, haggle, negotiation
Dicker Noun Synonyms: bargain, trade, barter, deal, haggle, negotiate

Other Words for Dickey

Dickey Noun Synonyms: dickey, shaky, unreliable, unsteady, unsound, faulty, dodgy

Other Words for Dictate

Dictate Verb Synonyms: decree, demand, command, order, direction, instruction, charge, pronouncement, edict, fiat, ukase, mandate, caveat, injunction, requirement, bidding, behest
Dictate Adjective Synonyms: say, prescribe, ordain, decree, demand, command, lay down (the law), order, direct, pronounce, impose

Other Words for Dictator

Dictator Noun Synonyms: autocrat, absolute ruler or monarch, despot, overlord, oppressor, tsar or czar, tyrant, Fuehrer or Fhrer

Other Words for Dictatorial

Dictatorial Adjective Synonyms: despotic, tyrannical, authoritarian, iron-handed, domineering, imperious, overbearing, bossy
Dictatorial Noun Synonyms: absolute, arbitrary, totalitarian, authoritarian, autocratic, all-powerful, omnipotent, unlimited

Other Words for Diction

Diction Noun Synonyms: articulation, pronunciation, enunciation, delivery, elocution, oratory, presentation, speech, intonation, inflection
Diction Adjective Synonyms: language, wording, (verbal or writing) style, expression,age, expressiveness, terminology, word choice, vocabulary, phraseology, phrasing, rhetoric

Other Words for Dictionary

Dictionary Noun Synonyms: lexicon, glossary, wordbook, thesaurus

Other Words for Die

Die Noun Synonyms: lose one's life, lay down one's life, perish, expire, decease, suffer death, Euphemistic depart, give up the ghost, be no more, (go to) meet one's Maker, breathe one's last, go to the happy hunting-grounds, go to one's reward
Die Adjective Synonyms: expire, end, stop, cease
Die Verb Synonyms: troubled, troubling, tough, burdensome, onerous, demanding, trying, hard, grim, dark, unfavorable, straitening

Other Words for Die Off

Die Off Verb Synonyms: dwindle, lessen, diminish, decrease, ebb, decline, wane, subside, wither (away), wilt, melt (away), dissolve, peter out, fail, weaken, deteriorate, disintegrate, degenerate, fade (away), droop, moulder, sink, vanish, disappear
Die Off Adjective Synonyms: become extinct, perish

Other Words for Diet

Diet Adjective Synonyms: fare, food, nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, subsistence, victuals, intake, aliment
Diet Verb Synonyms: council, congress, parliament, senate, legislature, house, chamber, assembly
Diet Noun Synonyms: regimen, regime

Other Words for Differ

Differ Verb Synonyms: disagree, conflict, contradict, be contradictory, vary, be at variance, take issue, part company, fall out, quarrel, argue
Differ Noun Synonyms: diverge, deviate, be separate or distinct, be dissimilar or different, contrast, depart

Other Words for Difference

Difference Noun Synonyms: change, alteration, metamorphosis, reformation, transformation, conversion, adjustment, modification
Difference Verb Synonyms: distinction, dissimilarity, discrepancy, unlikeness, disagreement, inconsistency, diversity, variation, imbalance, inequality, dissimilitude, incongruity, contrast, contradistinction, contrariety

Other Words for Differences

Differences Noun Synonyms: dispute, quarrel, argument, disagreement, dissension, conflict

Other Words for Different

Different Adjective Synonyms: unique, unusual, peculiar, odd, singular, particular, distinctive, personal, extraordinary, special, remarkable, bizarre, rare, weird, strange, unconventional, original, out of the ordinary, new, novel, exceptional, unheard-of
Different Noun Synonyms: unlike, unalike, dissimilar, conflicting, contrary, discrete, contrastive, contrasting, disparate, divergent, diverse, distinct, opposite, separate, distinguishable, another or other

Other Words for Differentiate

Differentiate Verb Synonyms: modify, specialize, change, alter, transform, transmute, convert, adapt, adjust
Differentiate Adjective Synonyms: distinguish, discriminate, contradistinguish, separate, contrast, oppose, set off or apart, tell apart

Other Words for Difficult

Difficult Adjective Synonyms: puzzling, perplexing, baffling, enigmatic(al), profound, abstruse, obscure, recondite, complex, thorny, intricate, sensitive, knotty, problematic(al), ticklish, scabrous
Difficult Verb Synonyms: hard, arduous, toilsome, strenuous, tough, laborious, burdensome, onerous, demanding

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