Other Words for Dab

Dab Noun Synonyms: daub, poke, pat, tap, touch
Dab Verb Synonyms: daub, pat, tap, tamp, touch

Other Words for Dab Hand

Dab Hand Verb Synonyms: past master, expert, master, adept, authority, wizard, ace

Other Words for Dabble

Dabble Noun Synonyms: dip, splash, spatter, sprinkle, bespatter, besprinkle, bedabble

Other Words for Dabble In

Dabble In Verb Synonyms: tinker, trifle (with), potter or putter, dally, fool (around or about or with or about with)

Other Words for Daft

Daft Noun Phrase Synonyms: foolish, silly, giddy, senseless, absurd, ridiculous, stupid, nonsensical, fatuous, fatuitous, imbecile or imbecilic, idiotic, moronic, obtuse, cretinous, boneheaded, fat-headed, dim-witted, witless, asinine, attocerebral, weak-minded, simple-minded

Other Words for Daft About

Daft About Adjective Synonyms: mad about, infatuated with, besotted by or with, sweet on, nuts about, crazy about

Other Words for Dagger

Dagger Adjective Synonyms: knife, poniard, skean, short sword, stiletto, dirk, blade, kris, bowie knife, bayonet

Other Words for Daily

Daily Noun Synonyms: diurnal, circadian, everyday, quotidian
Daily Adjective Synonyms: ordinary, common, commonplace, everyday, routine, regular

Other Words for Dainty

Dainty Adverb Synonyms: delicate, graceful, fine, elegant, exquisite, neat
Dainty Adjective Synonyms: fastidious, sensitive, squeamish, finicky or finical, over-nice, overrefined, genteel, mincing

Other Words for Damage

Damage Noun Synonyms: harm, injury, hurt, impairment, mutilation, destruction, devastation

Other Words for Damages

Damages Noun Synonyms: compensation, reparation, indemnity

Other Words for Damn

Damn Verb Synonyms: condemn, criticize, find fault with, berate, castigate, upbraid, attack, blast, reprimand, reprove, remonstrate, denounce, blame

Other Words for Damnable

Damnable Noun Synonyms: awful, terrible, horrible, horrid, atrocious, abominable, dreadful, hideous, execrable, accursed, cursed, detestable, hateful, abhorrent, despicable, loathsome, wicked, sinful, offensive, heinous, pernicious, infernal, malicious, malevolent, outrageous

Other Words for Damp

Damp Adjective Synonyms: clammy, moist, wettish, humid, dank, misty, dewy, steamy, muggy

Other Words for Dampen

Dampen Noun Synonyms: damp, moisten, sprinkle, bedew
Dampen Verb Synonyms: stifle, deaden, damp, check, chill, cool, restrain, retard, lessen, diminish, reduce, suppress, abate, moderate, allay, subdue, temper, dull, discourage

Other Words for Dance

Dance Verb Synonyms: cavort, gambol, caper, skip, leap, romp, trip the light fantastic (toe), cut a rug, sashay, bop, hoof it

Other Words for Dandy

Dandy Noun Synonyms: fop, coxcomb, (gay) blade, beau, gallant, lady-killer, ladies' or lady's man, rake, swell, clothes-horse, toff, blood, dude

Other Words for Danger

Danger Adjective Synonyms: peril, risk, threat, hazard, jeopardy

Other Words for Dangerous

Dangerous Adjective Synonyms: threatening, menacing, harmful, treacherous
Dangerous Noun Synonyms: risky, perilous, hazardous, unsafe, precarious, rickety, chancy, iffy

Other Words for Dangerously

Dangerously Adverb Synonyms: ominously, alarmingly
Dangerously Adjective Synonyms: perilously, hazardously, unsafely, precariously, recklessly

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