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Cross Adjective Synonyms
crucifix, rood
In ancient times, it was common to execute certain criminals by nailing them to a cross.

annoyed, irritated, angry, irate, furious
I was very cross that you took the car without permission.

Cross Noun Synonyms
hybrid, cross-breed, mongrel, blend, combination
This fruit is a cross between a plum and a pear.

Cross Verb Synonyms
cross over, go across, pass over, span, traverse
The bridge crosses the river here.

meet, intersect, join
The roads cross further on.

peevish, irritated, annoyed, piqued, irritable, testy, snappish, irascible, surly, choleric, splenetic, grouchy, huffish or huffy, pettish, cranky, grumpy, touchy, moody, fractious, vexed, curmudgeonly, petulant, waspish, querulous, cantankerous, crusty
He's cross because he has a headache.

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