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Other Words for Couple

Couple Noun Synonyms
pair, duo, twosome, brace, span, yoke, team
They certainly make a nice couple.

join, link, yoke, combine, unite, match up, connect
The two carriages are easily coupled together.

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Heroic Couplet

Entertainment / Literature / Heroic Couplet: Two successive rhyming lines of iambic pentameter. The second line is usually end-stopped. It was common practice to string long sequences of heroic couplets together in a pattern of aa, bb, cc, dd, e MORE


Science / Chemistry / Thermocouple: A device that senses temperature changes by using a pair of joined wires made of dissimilar metals that produces a voltage that changes with temperature. MORE

Thermocouple-Thermal Detection Device

Technology / Motors / Thermocouple-Thermal Detection Device: A temperature detecting device made of two dissimilar metals which generate a voltage as a function of temperature. Thermocouples can be attached to a meter or alarm to detect overheating of motor win MORE

Agency Coupled With An Interest

Business / Real Estate / Agency Coupled With An Interest: An agency relationship in which the agent is given an estate or interest in the subject of the agency (the property). MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Couplet: Two lines--the second line immediately following the first--of the same metrical length that end in a rhyme to form a complete unit. Geoffrey Chaucer and other writers helped popularize the form in En MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Coupler: Chemical present in different forms in all three layers of substantive color or a chemical incorporated into a developer. MORE