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Other Words for Confusion

Confusion Adjective Synonyms
disorder, mix-up, mess, jumble, muddle, disarray, disarrangement, chaos, shambles
The files are in complete confusion.

Confusion Noun Synonyms
tumult, commotion, disorder, turmoil, pandemonium, bedlam, chaos
Untold confusion resulted from sounding the alarm.

embarrassment, discomfiture, mortification, abashment, shamefacedness, chagrin
He felt terrible confusion when confronted with the evidence.

assortment, mixture, pot-pourri, gallimaufry, hotchpotch or and also hodgepodge
A confusion of products lines the shelves.

mix-up, confounding, ambiguity, ambiguousness, misunderstanding, contradiction, inconsistency
There is often some confusion between the name of a thing and the thing itself.

mixing, combining, mixing up, intermingling
The removal firm is responsible for the confusion of your books with mine.

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Entertainment / Photography / Acceptable Circle Of Confusion: The size of the largest circle which the eye cannot distinguish from a dot. In 35mm format cameras, a 0.03mm diameter circle of confusion is considered acceptable. It is used to calculate depth-of-fie MORE

Circle Of Confusion

Entertainment / Photography / Circle Of Confusion: Disks of light on the image, formed by the lens from points of light in the subject. The smaller these disks are in the image the sharper it appears. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Disorientation: Confusion about the time of day, date, or season (time), where one is (place), or who one is (person). MORE