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Other Words for Confidence

Confidence Noun Synonyms
assurance, self-confidence, self-assurance, self-reliance, poise, aplomb, coolness, conviction, certitude, boldness, courage, nerve
We admire the confidence she shows in her daring plan.

Confidence Verb Synonyms
trust, reliance, faith, belief
Your parents have a great deal of confidence in you.

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More Words for Confidence

Assurance / Poise / Faith / Trust

Consumer Confidence Index

Business / Taxes / Consumer Confidence Index: The consumer confidence index is released each month by the Conference Board, an independent business research organization. It measures how a representative sample of 5,000 US households feel about t MORE

Confidence Level

Business / Finance / Confidence Level: Statement by an investment bank that it is highly confident that the financing for its client/acquirer's takeover can and will be obtained. Often used in risk arbitrage. MORE

Confidence Letter

Business / Finance / Confidence Letter: A measure of investors' faith in the economy and the securities market. A low or deteriorating level of confidence is considered by many technical analysts as a bearish sign. MORE

Confidence Indicator

Business / Finance / Confidence Indicator: A theory that because investment companies are merely conduits for capital gains, dividends, and interest, which are in fact passed through to shareholders, the investment company should not be taxed MORE

Barrons Confidence Index

Business / Finance / Barrons Confidence Index: Index measuring the ratio of the average yield on 10 top-grade bonds to the average yield on 10 intermediate-grade bonds. The discrepancy between high-rated top-grade bonds and low-rated bond yields e MORE