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Other Words for Concrete

Concrete Adjective Synonyms
real, actual, literal, realistic, authentic, valid, genuine, bona fide, reliable, specific, particular, definite, definitive, clear-cut, material, physical, tangible, substantial
Have you any concrete evidence for the existence of ufos.

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More Words for Concrete

Literal / Actual / Real

Ready Mixed Concrete

Business / Construction / Ready Mixed Concrete: Concrete mixed at a plant or in trucks en route to a job and delivered ready for placement. MORE

Slab, Concrete

Business / Construction / Slab, Concrete: Concrete pavement, i.e. Driveways, garages, and basement floors. MORE

Yard Of Concrete

Business / Construction / Yard Of Concrete: One cubic yard of concrete is 3' X 3' X 3' in volume, or 27 cubic feet. One cubic yard of concrete will pour 80 square feet of 3 ½' sidewalk or basement/garage floor. MORE

Screed, Concrete

Business / Construction / Screed, Concrete: To level off concrete to the correct elevation during a concrete pour. MORE

Musique Concrète

Entertainment / Music / Musique Concrète: Music made up of natural sounds and sound effects that are recorded and then manipulated electronically. MORE

Faced Concrete

Business / Construction / Faced Concrete: To finish the front and all vertical sides of a concrete porch, step(s), or patio. Normally the 'face' is broom finished. MORE