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Other Words for Cold

Cold Adjective Synonyms
weak, faint, stale, old, dead
The trail of the tiger had grown cold.

coldness, frigidity, iciness
Last winter, the cold killed off many of our shrubs.

indifferent, apathetic, chilly, chilling, cool, icy, dispassionate, unsympathetic, aloof, unresponsive, spiritless, frigid, unfriendly, uncordial, lukewarm, frigid, cold-blooded, insensitive, uncaring, unemotional, undemonstrative, reserved, unmoved
My ideas received rather a cold reception. Because she had offended him, he was quite cold to her.

unprepared, unready
She hadn't studied and went into the exam cold.

depressing, cheerless, chilling, gloomy, dispiriting, deadening, disheartening, bleak, dismal, discouraging
The sweat stood out on his brow in cold apprehension.

chill, chilly, frosty, icy, keen, nippy, freezing, frigid, ice-cold, stone-cold, bitter, bitter-cold, raw, biting, biting-cold, numbing, gelid, wintry, hibernal, brumal, arctic, glacial, polar, hyperborean or hyperboreal, Siberian
It was so cold that the canal had completely frozen over.

chilly, chilled, unheated, heatless
The room is cold, we'd better put the heating on.

unmoving, stale, trite, stereotyped, dead
The coldest word was once a glowing new metaphor.

Cold Noun Synonyms
head or chest or common cold, influenza, ague, (la or the) grippe, coryza, gravedo, sniffles, the flu, bug, sneezles and wheezles
I caught a cold waiting for you in the rain.

completely, thoroughly, entirely, absolutely, unhesitatingly, promptly, immediately, unreservedly, abruptly
His application to join the police was turned down cold.

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Cool / Old / Chill / Weak / Dead / Bitter

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Business / Machine Shop / Cold Work: Cold working refers to forming, bending, or hammering a metal well below the melting point. Cold working of metals causes hardening, making them stronger but less ductile. MORE

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Life Style / Painting / Cold Pressed: Watercolour paper that is Cold Pressed (CP) or 'Not' Pressed (NP) has mildly rough texture. It takes colour smoothly but the tooth allows for slight irregularities and graining in washes. MORE

Cold Air Funnel

Science / Weather / Cold Air Funnel: Funnel clouds, usually short-lived, that develop from relatively small showers or thunderstorms when the air aloft is very in cold. Cold air funnels may touch down briefly, but in general are less vio MORE


Business / Finance / Cold-Calling: Refers to the fact that the merger of two firms lessens the probability of default on either firm's debt. MORE

Cold Air Return

Business / Construction / Cold Air Return: The ductwork (and related grills) that carries room air back to the furnace for re-heating. MORE

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